WhitingNet has been around of almost 15 years now. Starting life as a simple HTML page made using Microsoft Word before evolving into a Wordpress powered site that endured for the last 12 years.

A few weeks back I got a panicked text messages from multiple family saying that e-mail was not being delivered to their WhitingNet addresses. An afternoon of frantic digging later and a long story short, I discovered that the servers powering the site had died. With the reseller company I paid for it having gone AWOL, and the underlying hosting provider unlikely to help me, then it was time for a change.

So I took the opportunity for a completely fresh start. I up and moved from your classic early 2000s shared cPanel host to a more modern and advanced VPS service, rebuilt the site using the modern static site generation tool Hugo and here we are!

So light a cigar and welcome to the world the latest incarnation of WhitingNet. Here’s to another decade!