Micro-services Talk

I was recently invited to do a second talk at the Brighton Java Community meetup. This wonderful professional interest group meets once a month to discuss the latest trends in the Java language, JVM and software engineering as a whole.

This talk was spawned out of my recent frustrations with trying to get started with the much talked about “Micro-services” architecture. Until now I have avoided this particular patter due to the massive overhead associated with building both the client and service.

Thinking there must be a faster and easier way I decided to delve into my favorite Java MVC framework, Spring, to see if it could provide relief. After much groaning and digging I was able to string together a combination of Spring Boot and Spring Remoting to produce a framework for micro-services that reduced the overhead of building remote micro-services down to one single line of Java annotations.

I must say it was a pleasant break for the usual cycle of customer requirements and deadlines to get my teeth into a pure engineering problem. If you’re interested in seeing the results then my slides and source code for the talk can be found on this page.

A Little Bit Of Freshen Up

After much procrastination I finally made good on my new years resolution to update WhitingNet 😀

The old blog was nearly 7 years old, was slow and generally a bit buggy. It also had a lot of old and irrelevant content that just didn’t fit with my current style.

Expect to see more features pop up over the next few weeks and lots of awesome tech content.

So here’s to 2015!